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Amerikan Argosu - 02

This is in no way a compilation of my own and I am not even certain that it is "public domain" material. I have googled for various keywords and found several sites making liberal use of this list; but I have been unable to single out the original site from which all the others seem to have borrowed. Anyway, please make sure that you use it for your own studies only, as I try to find a way to get in touch with the proprietors and ask for their permission.




amerikan argosu K argo amerikan

karena n 1. a pretty girl. ("She is such a karena!")
keep it real v 1. to stay true to one's self, to resist the temptation to be fake. ("I'm not acting like someone else, I'm trying to keep it real.")
kevork v 1. to kill. Etymology: from the last name of Jack Kevorkian, a doctor in the United States who helps patients commit suicide.
kickass adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME. ("The Canadian Olympic Canadian Hockey team is kickass!")
kick ass v 1. to be victorious. ("Our football team kicked ass this weekend!") 2. to injure ("He kicked that guy's ass!")
kick back n 1. money paid generally to an official for covertly assisting an organization, individual, or initiative. ("The congressman received a ten-percent kick back for supporting the legislation that would g ive the mining company exclusive rights to the region.") - v 1. recline, as in a reclining chair. Generally used in the phrase, "Kick back and put your feet up," which means "Relax!"
kick down with v 1. to give. Usually used when someone is withholding something. ("Hey dude, kick down with some more food.")
kicking adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME. 2. stylish; SMOOTH. ("I just installed a new stereo system in my car and it's kickin'.")
kick it v 1. to engage in coitus. ("She said she wanted to kick it with him!") 2. to relax; HANG OUT. ("I'm just kicking it.") 3. to get started doing something. ("Let's kick it!")
kick (one's) ass v 1. to injure, often severely. ("He got his ass kicked in a fight this weekend.")
kicks n 1. shoes. ("Man Loid, those are some pimp kicks!")
kid n 1. a young person. Note: often used as an derogatory term for someone of lesser age or social status. 2. a friend; HOMIE. ("Yo kid, what's pooping? ") 3. anyone, of any age. ("Are you kids ready to go?")
killer adj 1. very good, excellent, impressive; COOL, AWESOME. ("That was killer dude!")
kinderkid n 1. someone who pretends to be someone they're not; FAKE, POSEUR, WANNA-BE. ("Look at those kinderkids with the Marilyn Manson outfits!")
kipe v 1. to steal. ("Don't kipe my sandwich!")
knackered adj 1. extremely inebriated. ("He was completely knackered.")
knocked up v 1. to get pregnant. ("He knocked her up." "She got knocked up.")
kooky adj 1. strange, out of the ordinary; WEIRD. ("That's a kooky haircut.")
kosher adj 1. very good, excellent, new; COOL, FRESH. Origin: from the brand-name Kosher Pickles.


amerikan argosu L argo amerikan

lambasted adj 1. extremely inebriated. ("I got lambasted at that office party.")
lamping v 1. to relax; CHILL, TAKE IT EASY. ("I'm just lamping.")
larry n 1. derogatory term, MORON. Note: can apply to females even though the word is actually a male name. ("He is such a larry!" or "You larry!")
last-year adj 1. outdated, antiquated, old. Note: usually refers to a style or fad. ("That shirt is so last-year.")
late Synonymous with "Good-bye," "Later," etc. ("Hey, I need to leave, late!")
laters See late.
lawson v 1. to change from a passing area to a no passing area on a road, or vice versa. ("You can't pass him now, the road just lawsoned!")
lay cable v 1. to defecate.
like the goose adj 1. of good quality. Also used to describe something that one is proud of. Origin: term is an allusion to the story of a goose that lays golden eggs. The goose is very valuable. ("This paper is li ke the goose.")
limou n 1. a limousine. 2. shoes or sneakers. ("How do you like my new limous?")
limpdick n 1. a coward or non-violent person or either sex. ("Crash is a real limpdick.")
lip chap n 1. lip balm. Origin: Canada. ("Does anyone have any lip chap?")
load a fat one v 1. to place a wad of chewing tobacco in one's mouth. ("Hey Chris, let's load a fat one!")
loaded adj 1. large breasted. ("Woah, that girl's loaded!") 2. wealthy. ("That family is loaded.") 3. extremely inebriated. ("He is so loaded right now!")
loopy adj 1. strange, as if sedated or otherwise on drugs. ("That shit was making me feel loopy.")
loot n 1. money. ("I need to scam some loot.")
loud adj 1. bad, unpleasant, stupid.
louie n 1. left-hand turn. One either "does" or "makes" a louie. ("Make a louie at the next light.")
lunchbox n 1. someone that is extremely lunching. ("That guy was such a lunchbox.")
lunching adj 1. absent minded, inattentive. 2. stupid. Origin: probably a shortened version of the phrase "out to lunch" which has a similar meaning. ("Dude, you're so lunching.")
lush n 1. a person who drinks frequently, not necessarily an alcoholic


amerikan argosu M argo amerikan

mack n 1. one who is good with the opposite sex, usually a male. ("Jeff is such a mack. He gets all the girls.") - v 1. to attempt to attract; HIT ON. ("I macked to some females last night.") 2. to eat. ("I macked on some food.")
mack daddy n 1. one who is good with the opposite sex. ("Jeff is such a mack daddy.") Note: interchangeable with "mack".
mack on v 1. to attempt to attract another person; HIT ON. ("He was macking on that brunette that he met.")
mad adj 1. many. ("There were mad chicks at the party!") 2. good. ("He's got mad skills")
madcap adj 1. crazy. Origin: probably from the euphemism "mad as a hatter." ("He was going madcap.")
mad hatter n 1. someone who sells drugs and other illegal substaces. ("I'm going to go pick some stuff up from the madhatter up on Main.")
main squeeze n 1. significant other. ("This is Keith. He's my main squeeze.")
marinate v 1. to sit around waiting for something to happen. Origin: from the cooking term "marinate", which is to soak something (often meat) for some period of time (usually several hours) in a sauce before cooking. ("Last ni ght we marinated at Justin's house until we found a party.")
max v 1. to relax; HANG OUT. ("I'm just maxing.")
McGyver adj 1. very difficult. Origin: the television show McGyver. The protagonist always escaped from difficult situations in creative ways. ("That shit is McGyver.") ???
mean adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. 2. extreme. ("That was one mean roller coaster!")
Mentos 1. good luck. ("Mentos on the exam!")
merkin n 1. a straight man married to or involved with a lesbian. The lesbian may be in the public eye and may have a merkin to hide the fact that she is a lesbian (e.g. Steve Martin and Anne Heche.) ("Steve was Victoria's merk in before being Anne's merkin.")
mind n 1. a head. ("He smacked his mind on the ground.") Origin: Slapshot , a movie released in 1978.
minga n 1. an unattractive and/or fat person. ("Look at that fat minga.")
mint adj 1. attractive, usually a male. ("That guy is mint.")
mob v 1. to go. ("Let's mob to the party over on fifth street.")
moded adj 1. messed up, weird. ("My computer got all moded and then it crashed.") 2. embarassed. Usually used after someone does something stupid. ("Now don't you feel moded!")
mo fo n 1. good friend; BUDDY. Abbreviation of "mother fucker". ("That's my mo fo over there.")
mondo bizarro adj 1. extremely strange; WEIRD. ("That bird is mondo bizarro.")
monet adj 1. attractive from a distance, but unattractive up close.("He is such a monet.")
money adj 1. hip, suave, cool. ("You're money.")
mongo adj 1. to a great degree; EXTREMELY, VERY. ("That house is mongo expensive.")
monkey fuck v 1. to light a cigarette using a lit cigarette instead of a lighter. ("I lost my matches, so I had to monkey fuck my cigarette.")
monster n 1. an ugly person. ("What a monster!")
monte n 1. a video. Origin: a word-play on the capital of Uruguay: Montevideo. ("How about watching a monte tonight?") Submitted by Simon Mackay, Melbourne, Australia, 01-03-98.
mooley n 1. a comic; SMART ALEC. Origin: suburbs of New York City, NY, USA. ("Joe is such a mooley.")
mosey v 1. to move on. Origin: the American cowboy. ("Come on, let's mosey." "Let's mosey on down to the store.")
mouse v 1. to push around. ("Yo man, why do you have to mouse me?")
mufkin tass n 1. an item. Synonymous with "thing" or "thingy". ("Could you hand me that mufkin tass over there?")
mumbo jumbo n 1. speech one doesn't understand. ("The doctor was just talking a lot of medical mumbo jumbo.")
munson v 1. to abandon, to leave; DITCH. ("Let's munson that kid." "He got munsoned by his ride.") Origin: from the movie Kingpin, released during the summer of 1996.
mutha junkst n 1. the biggest bottle of cheap alcohol one can find. ("Let's get liquored on the mutha junkst.")
my bad 1. a phrase used to admit fault. 2. an apology. ("Sorry, man, my bad.")
myboy n 1. a friend. ("He is my boy.")


amerikan argosu N argo amerikan

napalm v 1. to spread a term, idea, concept or style about. Origin: a sticky, flamable substance. When used in bombs, the explosion covers the surrounding area in napalm. Thus when one napalms an idea etc., they cover the area with it. ("I napalmed the whole staff with my concept.")
nappy adj 1. the essence of being black and beautiful. 2. gross, disgusting. ("His hair is really nappy.")
narc v 1. to report a person or group to the authorities after associating with that person or group. - n 1. a person who "narcs".
nards n 1. testicles, balls. ("I got kicked in the nards.")
nasty adj 1. really bad, disgusting. ("Oh man, your bathroom smells nasty!")
negatory 1. no, negative. ("My answer would be negatory.")
nic v 1. to crave nicotine. Pronounced "nick". ("I'm nicing over here, man! Give me a cigarette!")
nine to five n 1. a job. ("I had to get a nine to five to make some extra money.")
no diggity 1. used as an agreement. Note: may or may not be paired with another phrase. ("No diggity, Einstein was smart!" or simply "No diggity!")
no-duh 1. a sarcastic response used when someone states the obvious. (Statement: "Don't run that red light." Response: "No-duh." Statement: "I bet it hurt when you got shot in the chest." Response: "No-duh.")
non-bust adj 1. with a pleasing outcome. ("I had so much fun; the party was definitely a non-bust.")
no shit 1. a sarcastic response used when someone states the obvious. (Statement: "Don't run that red light." Response: "No shit." Statement: "I bet it hurt when you got shot in the chest." Response: "No shit.")
nunya 1. shortening of "none of your business." ("How much do I weigh? Nunya!")
nut v 1. to ejaculate. ("I never stop having sex until I nut.") - n 1. semen.
nuts n 1. testicles. ("I got hit in my nuts.")


amerikan argosu O argo amerikan

off (one's) rocker adj 1. crazy, out of control. ("He's really off his rocker!")
off the hook adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. ("Yo man, that movie was off da hook!") 2. wild or crazy, ("I had to leave that party. It was off da hook!") 3. extremely upset. ("Yo, since you told all her business, she's been acting off da hook.")
oh my bejesus 1. an expression of surprise or alarm. ("Oh my bejesus, that car was nice!") Submitted by Andy Parsons, 06-06-97.
OJ v 1. to stab. 2. to kill. Origin: the double murder trial of football star O.J. Simpson. ("Go ahead, OJ them.")
old lady n 1. female significant other, such as a girlfriend or wife. ("Babycakes is Bugs' old lady.")
onion n 1. a police officer. Note: derogatory term. ("The onions got my brother again.")
on one v 1. to act out of the ordinary, as if one were on medication. ("My mom was on one yesterday so I couldn't make any phone calls.")
on (one's) jack adj 1. on one's own. Origin: Rhyming slang - Jack Jones.
on the bottom burner adj 1. of low priority. ("Since we've found out the auditors are coming, the invoices are on the bottom burner.")
on the fritz adj 1. to be broken or to not function properly. ("My car is on the fritz again.")
on the rag v 1. to menstruate. Origin: possibly from old-style pads. ("Oh man, I've got cramps. I'm on the rag!")
outie v 1. leaving. Also outie five-thousand . ("I'm outie, bro.")
out of it adj 1. in a daze, not involved in the situation, off in one's own world. 2. under the influence of drugs. ("What's up with Jim? He seems really out of it.")
out of the box adj 1. crazy, irrational. Note: theorized that the term is a vague allusion to the "jack-in-the-box" toys, a box containing a head mounted on a spring that would pop open after a crank had been turned. The head would then bounce around. The unpredictable motion of the toy could be likened to someone who is "out of the box." ("I don't know what her problem is, but she's completely out of the box!")
out to lunch adj 1. excellent, very attractive, etc. Can refer to a person, a work of art, or just about anything. ("That painting is out to lunch!" "His body is out to lunch!")


amerikan argosu P argo amerikan

package n 1. male genitalia.
packie n 1. a liquor store. ("On your way back from the beach, swing by the packie and get some beer.")
pack of franks n 1. rolls of fat on the back of one's neck. Etymology: the rolls look like a package of hot dogs. ("That guy's got quite a pack of franks.")
paint the walls v 1. to vomit forcefully, usually suddenly, leaving no time to seek a proper container; PROJECTILE VOMIT. ("Man, I drank so much vodka last night, I ended up painting the walls.")
pants adj 1. inadequate, displeasing, or of poor quality. Possible origin: underwear, called pants in Britain.
parental units n 1. parents. Origin: from the movie The Coneheads . ("I've got to call the parental units before they start worrying.")
partner n 1. friend. Pronounced "pot-na". ("Me an my partner gonna bounce.")
peace out 1. goodbye. ("I'm leaving, man. Peace out.")
peachy adj 1. good. Generally used as a response to greetings such as, "How are you?" ("I'm just peachy")
Pebbles n 1. an under-aged, attractive, promiscuous female. ("He jumped on Pebbles last night.")
peep n 1. people. ("How many peeps will be at the party?") - v 1. to listen to. ("Yo, peep this.") 2. to see, look at, stare at. Also peep (one) out. ("Did you peep that hottie?" "That cutie just peeped you out.")
perma-fried v 1. to appear as if on drugs, even though one is sober. ("Man, you're perma-fried.")
perp v 1. to pretend, feign. ("He always perps like he has a lot of money.")
perve v 1. to stare with sexual intent. ("That guy was perving at her.") 2. to be intoxicated. ("After I drank that Everclear last night I was perving.")
phat adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. ("That's a phat bike.") 2. attractive. Note: an acronym, "pretty hot and tempting," has been invented for the word. The acronym came after the original coining of the term.
piece n 1. penis. 2. a firearm. ("You carrying your piece?") See also want a piece of (someone).
piece of shit n 1. an item of poor quality. ("That car is a piece of shit.") Note: also used as an insult, as in "You little piece of shit."
pie hole n 1. mouth. ("Shut your pie hole!")
pig n 1. a police officer. ("The pigs got my brother for robbery.") See also hog.
pimp n 1. a male in charge of prostitutes. Note: in recent years, has come to mean nothing of the sort. Today it's a very ambiguous term, used as either a compliment or an insult towards a male. In its positive form, it means that the person is "cool." In its negative form, it insults their attitudes, clothing, or general behavior. ("He is such a pimp.") adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME. ("That is a pimp car.")
pinched v 1. arrested or detained by law enforcement officials. ("I almost got pinched by the cops.")
pineapple n 1. genitalia. ("He touched my pineapple.")
Pinto n 1. any car in disrepair. Origin: the Pinto is a car that was terribly ugly even when new. ("Get out of the way, Pinto!")
pirate v 1. to sell or transmit stolen intellectual property (e.g. software, compact discs, etc.) ("Pirating software is illegal.") - n 1. a person who sells or transmits stolen intellectual property.
piss n 1. urine. ("He got piss on the floor.") - v 1. to urinate. ("I had to go piss.") 2. to drink. ("We pissed the night away.")
pissed adj 1. inebriated. ("We got pissed last night.") 2. angry. ("He was really pissed when you didn't show up.")
pissing for shits and giggles v 1. to waste one's time. ("Let's get outta here. We're just pissing for shits and giggles
piss off v 1. to leave. Note: British. ("Why don't you just piss off?")
plastered v 1. extremely intoxicated. ("Let's go get plastered and watch Exorcist at the same time!")
player n 1. a male who dates more than one female at a time, usually just for sex or other perks. Carries a heavy negative connotation. ("He is such a player!")
poke v 1. to engage in coitus. Usually used as an intransitive verb (i.e. "Someone poked someone else" and not "Someone got poked.") ("Did you poke that girl you met at the club?")
poon n 1. females. Also poon-tang. ("Lets go check out the poon.")
poonj v 1. to engage in coitus. Origin: the Ojibwe natives in Minnesota. The Ojibwe have a phrase "Poonjegay" which means "to dip meat in grease." Among the teenagers there, it's shortened to "Poonj" and has become slang for sex. ("Hey, did you two poonj last night?" "Were you guys poonjing?")
pop a cap v 1. to shoot. 2. to kill with a firearm. ("I'm gonna pop a cap into that bitch when I see her next!")
po-po n 1. a police officer. Note: pronounced "poe-poe".
poppa n 1. a close male friend. ("Hey Poppa, how goes it?")
poseur n 1. someone who pretends to be someone they're not, usually in dress and speech; WANNA-BE, FAKE. Origin: borrowed from the French word with the same spelling and definition. Generally (or originally) used to describe people posing a s skaters.
postal See go postal.
power n 1. the remote control for a television. ("Pass me the power.")
pray to Dionysus v 1. to vomit. Origin: Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, so naturally getting drunk is in his honor. When one pukes, one prays to him. (Note that this term is intended to be humours and does not reflect actual Greek mythology.) ("He drank too much, and now he's off praying to Dionysus.")
pray to the porcelain god v 1. to vomit. ("I was praying to the porcelain god after eating that.")
premo adj 1. attractive, great, flawless; AWESOME. Often used to describe an attractive female. ("Man did you check out that chick? She was premo!")
press (one) v 1. to attempt to attract; HIT ON. ("Brad was pressing me last night.")
props n 1. praise, compliments. One usually "gives" props. Sometimes prefixed with "mad". ("I'll give Joe props for that crazy stunt.")
pull a gallstone v 1. to accomplish something remarkable. Origin: possibly from the fact that passing a galstone is (usually) a very long and painful task. Doing so is quite an accomplishment. ("That guy without the leg just w on the gold medal! He really pulled a gallstone!")
pull a Nancy Drew v 1. to fake something to escape a situation. Origin: from the fictional character Nancy Drew, who uses the same technique: feigning unconsciousness until her captor looses his grip, then running away. Notes: usually refers to faking an orgasm to get someone to stop having sex with you. Often simplified to "pull a Nancy." ("By that time I was so tired that I had to pull a Nancy and get it all over with.")
pull chocks v 1. to leave. Etymology: chocks are wedges used to prevent anything with wheels (e.g. airplanes, tractors, etc.) from moving. "Pulling the chocks" allows the vehicle to proceed. ("Let's pull chocks, this place st ruggles.")
pumped adj 1. excited; PSYCHED. ("I was pumped when she asked me out!")
punanni n 1. a vagina.
pushbutton panic n 1. anxiety experienced before making a phone call, especially to a member of the opposite sex. ("Dude, get over your pushbutton panic and just call her!")
push out a grumpy v 1. to defecate. ("I've got to go push out a grumpy!")
pussy n 1. the vagina. 2. a physically weak person; WIMP. ("He is such a pussy.")
pussy whipped adj 1. obedient to one's female partner. ("His girlfriend had him pussy whipped.")
put the beat down v 1. to beat someone up, to attack. ("If you don't get your act together, I'll have to put the beat down")


amerikan argosu R argo amerikan

rad-o adj 1. excellent. ("Whoa, this new album is rad-o!")
rag v 1. to menstruate. ("I've been ragging since Tuesday, and I feel horrible!") 2. to stain with menses. ("Oh, man, I ragged my pants.") 3. to complain. ("Stop ragging about that!") - n 1. men strual period. ("My rag is really heavy this month.") 2. someone who complains frequently. ("You are such a rag!")
rage adj 1. fun; HAPPENING. ("That party was such a rage!!")
rain closet n 1. the shower. ("He really needs to hit the raincloset.")
raise the roof v 1. to "pump it up," get loud, get excited, etc. Often accompanied by the following motion: hands are placed above shoulders, palms up, raised slightly above the head, then returned to shoulder level. Repeat tw o or three times. ("Jordan is trying to raise the roof.")
rake in v 1. to earn, usually money. ("We raked in five hundred dollars at the concert!")
ralph v 1. to vomit.
ram v 1. to engage in coitus. Submitted by Scott McNabney, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, 06-11-97. - adj 1. horrible. Note: often used as a derogatory term for an unattractive member of the oppo site sex. Submitted by Kris, London, England, 06-11-97.
rat n 1. a derogatory term for females. ("I had that rat.") 11-06-97. 2. someone who tells on a friend; NARC, SNITCH. ("Don't hang out with him, ma n, he's a rat.")
raw adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. ("That movie was raw!")
redneck n 1. a person from a rural area. Origin: according to the stereotype (however accurate it may be,) people from rural areas spend a great deal of time working in the field. In doing so, the backs of their necks become s unburnt.
red tide n 1. menstrual period.
reechy adj 1. bad. Origin: Shakespeare's Hamlet .
reggie n 1. right-hand turn. One either "does" or "makes" a reggie. ("Do a reggie at the stop sign.")
rents n 1. abbreviation of "parents".
retarded adj 1. bad, of poor quality. ("That party was retarded!")
rice-rocket n 1. any sport motorcycle or replica of a race motorcycle, usually Japanese in origin. ("Mongo kicked over that nerd's rice-rocket last night.")
rickett n 1. a mysterious creature that steals, causes mischief, helps, or brainwashes you. Looks like a goblin. ("The rickett stole my condom.")
ricockulous adj 1. ridiculous, absurd. Note: first used on the radio/TV show "Love Line".
ride n 1. an automobile. ("That's a cool ride.")
ride the cotton pony 1. to menstruate. ("She's riding the cotton pony this week.")
ride the porcelain bus v 1. to vomit. ("She's in the bathroom riding the porcelain bus.")
ride the white horse v 1. to use an illegal white powder stimulant (e.g. cocaine, crystal meth, crank, etc.) ("Man, Jeremy's losing a lot of weight. You think he's riding the white horse?")
riding high v 1. feeling very good. Occasionally meaning snobbish or egotistical. ("He was riding high after he got into the college he wanted.")
right on 1. a phrase indicating approval, agreement, or just acknowledgement. ("You're going dancing tonight? Right on.")
rip a juicy one v 1. to flatulate.
rip (one) a new asshole v 1. to attack, beat up. ("I'm going to go rip that guy a new asshole.")
ripped adj 1. extremely inebriated. 2. under the influence of marijuana. ("I got so ripped at the party last weekend.") 3. muscular. ("That body-bui lder is ripped!")
rizzi n 1. transportation. ("I've got to go, my rizzi is leaving.") 2. a vehicle. ("That's a nice rizzi!") Also
road-dawg n 1. a travel companion. 2. best friend. ("He's my road-dawg.")
roasted adj 1. inebriated.
rock n 1. a wedding ring. ("Man, stay away from her. Didn't you see that huge rock on her finger?")
roll v 1. to laugh very hard. ("When he fell, I was rolling so hard my stomach hurt.") 2. to use Ecstasy. ("That girl was rolling all night long.")&nbs p
roll-dog n 1. a good or best friend.
roll out v 1. to leave, usually in a vehicle. ("All right man, I gotta roll out.")
ro-sham-bo n 1. a competition employed to determine the ownership of an object when ownership is in dispute. The two parties kick each other in the groin until one falls to the ground. The person left standing wins the competition and the ownership of the object. ("I'll ro-sham-bo you for the last beer.")
royally 1. very, extremely. ("He was royally pissed when you wrecked his car.")
ruley adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL; AWESOME. ("That shirt is so ruley!")
run with the world v 1. to do what is popular, follow the crowd. ("You're just running with the world.")
RV n 1. an attractive female. Origin: originally was an abbreviation for "rape victim." ("Wow, she's a real RV!")


amerikan argosu S argo amerikan

sad adj 1. of poor quality. ("This is a sad car.") Note: also used to make fun of or comment on someone's misfortune. Example: "Damn, I lost ten bucks." Response: "Sad."
saftey meeting n 1. a break in the workday when employees gather to ingest drugs. ("There is going to be a saftey meeting in 5 minutes.")
salary man n 1. a business man. Origin: Japanese English.
Sally n 1. an attractive or friendly female. ("I think she's Sally.") 2. a female's period. ("Sally came to visit me last night. It pissed me off.")&n bsp
samolean n 1. a unit of money. Notes: also spelled "samolian."
sasser v 1. to trick a person into doing something that like a good idea but will end in disaster. ("Be careful you don't get Sassered.")
sassy adj 1. styling. 2. retro. Origin: possibly from the title of fashion magazine Sassy . ("Those digs are sassy")
sausage fest See sausage party.
sausage party n 1. a gathering with many more males than females. ("Let's take off, this is just a sausage party.")
scary adj 1. ugly, weird. ("Those pink teddy bear bedroom slippers are scary!")
schlong n 1. penis. ("I got smacked in the schlong.")
schtupp v 1. to engage in coitus. ("I wanted to schtupp her in the worst way.")
schwacked adj 1. intoxicated. ("I was schwacked last night.")
scoot n 1. a motorcycle. Derived from "scooter." ("Cheeseman has a new scoot.")
scope out v 1. to watch. 2. to stare, usually at a member of the opposite gender. ("I was scoping out that hot soccer player after practice.")
screw v 1. to engage in coitus. ("They screwed last night.") 2. to err; MESS UP. ("He screwed that interview.") 3. to take advantage of. ("He really got screwed on that deal.")
screw up v 1. to err; MESS UP. ("They screwed up that paint job.")
scully v 1. to doubt. Origin: the character Scully on the television program The X-Files . While her partner believes in the paranormal and occult, she is doubtful. ("Don't Scully me.")
see a man about a dog v 1. to defecate. ("I've got to go see a man about a dog.")
sell out v 1. to back out or change one's mind. Note: carries a very negative connotation. Infers that the person has changed due to some negative (e.g. money, power, et cetera) or inappropriate (e.g. another person when in a committed relationship) influence. ("They will sell out on you in a minute" "The band sold out to the main stream and signed with a major label.") - n 1. a person who has "sold out." 2. someone who reports a person or group to the authorities after associating with that person or group; NARC.
sell the Buick v 1. to vomit. ("The thought of doing Chelsea makes me want to sell the Buick.")
send a fax v 1. to defecate. ("I can't wait any longer. I need to send a fax right now!") Submitted by Paulo Santos, Parobe, RS, Brazil, 11-11-97.
shady adj 1. unclear or purposely misleading. ("He's being shady about what went on.") 2. suspicious. ("That deal sounds rather shady.") 3. immoral or illegal. ("Their company has been involved in some shady dealin gs.")
shady adj 1. suspicious, dangerous. ("That guy is kind of shady." "That's a shady part of town.")
shaft v 1. to steal. ("He shafted my pen")
shag v 1. to engage in coitus. Note: British equivalent of "fuck". Contributed by Michael David, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 14-12-96.
sheep n 1. someone who follows trends, trying to always do what's "in" or popular. Origin: sheep aren't viewed as very intelligent, the term conjures up images of the animals just following one another, going wherever they're h erded. ("Those kids and there baggy pants are sheep.")
sheesh 1. a non-offensive expletive. Origin: to replace the word "shit". ("Sheesh, don't freak out!")
shiesty adj 1. decietful, untrustworthy. ("I wouldn't hang out with him, he's shiesty.")
shintock 1. an expression of disbelief or surprise. Used to replace "no shit". ("No shintock!")
shit adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. Always preceeded by "the" in this usage. ("I loved that movie! It was the shit.") 2. bad, of poor quality. ("This music is just shit.") Note: though the word "shit" seems ambi guous, it is always preceded by "the" when used in the complimentary sense. 3. complaints, criticism. ("I've been getting a lot of shit from my landlord.") - v 1. to lie to. ("That watch is yours? You're shitting me!") 2. to defecate. ("I need to shit.") - n 1. drugs. Always preceeded by "the" in this usage. ("Do you have the shit?") 2. feces. ("There is shit on the floor.") 3. possessions. ("Who left their shit in my car?") See also no shit.
shite 1. British pronunciation of "shit." Used playfully in America. ("That Pinto is shite!") Submitted by Emily Marcroft, UC Berkeley, CA, USA, 01-13-98.
shit-faced adj 1. very inebriated. Origin: one has one's face in (or near) a toilet while vomiting, hence the condition of being "shit-faced."
shitlist n 1. a list of people one is angry with. ("You just put yourself on my shitlist.")
shits adj 1. displeasing. Always preceeded by "the" in this usage. ("This party is the shits." 2. diarrhea. Also always preceeded by "the". ("He didn't come to work today because he's got the shits.")
shitty adj 1. displeasing or of poor quality. ("That movie was shitty.") 2. inebriated. The term is considered feminine, and men tend to prefer the more masculine shit faced. ("Let's go get shitty!")
shiznits adj 1. used instead of shit. Generally considered to be acceptable to a larger audience as it isn't quite a swear word.
shnockered adj 1. extremely inebriated. ("I'm going to get so shnockered at the party!")
shook adj 1. shaken up, flustered. ("Dude, you're shook!") - v 1. arrested or detained by law enforcement officials. ("I almost got pinched by the cops.")
shooked adj 1. scared. Usually used to describe a fight. ("He was shooked when that guy came after him.")
shorty n 1. a female. Origin: hip-hop slang.
shotgun n 1. the passenger seat in a vehicle. Origin: the American west (i.e. during the 1800s.) The "shotgun" was the person that sat next to the driver of a wagon with a shotgun, watching for trouble. ("I get shotgun!" or "I get to sit shotgun.") 2. a method of smoking marijuana whereby one person inhales from the source and then blows the smoke into s omeone else's mouth. They inhale it and the chain continues. Apparently, the term can also apply to cigarette smoking.
shotty back n 1. the seat behind the passenger seat in a vehicle. ("I get shotty back")
sick adj 1. COOL, AWESOME. ("That movie was sick!")
666 adj 1. satanic. ("That gothic dude is 666.")
Simon n 1. the "tortured artist" half of a pair of people. ("He's the Simon in that relationship.") Origin: refers to folk- rock 1960s duo Simon and Garfunkel. Paul Simon wrote the songs and played guitar, but he was the less outgoing/talkative one. See also Garfunkel. Submitted by Emily Marcroft, UC Berkeley, CA, USA, 13-01-98.
skank v 1. to dance to ska music. ("Look at that guy skank!") - adj 1. a dirty or promiscuous female. ("Stay away from that skank.")
skeeve adj 1. a gross, creepy, etc. person. ("He is such a skeeve.") - v 1. to gross out, to sicken. ("That guy really skeeves me out.")
skeevy adj 1. gross, creepy; ICKY, etc. Term was common in Brooklyn, NY, USA in the 1950s and 1960s. ("He's so skeevy.")
sketch v 1. to act excessively nervous, especially while on marijuana. ("The cops aren't coming, quit sketching.")
sketchy adj 1. of questionable character, suspicious, strange. ("I'd stay away from that guy, he looks sketchy.")
sketell n 1. a promiscuous female.
skid n 1. someone who drinks, smokes, looks grungy, etc. ("He dresses like a skid.") - adj 1. unattractive. ("He's skid.")
skiied adj 1. under the influence of marijuana. Note: pronounced "skeed".
skills n 1. talents, usually with the opposite sex or in business (e.g. drug dealing.) ("He's got mad skills.")
sko n 1. a promiscuous female. Abbrevation for "skanky hoe." ("That girl is such a sko!") - adj 1. displeasing. Always preceeded by "the" in this usage. ("This party is the shits." 2. diarrhea. Also always preceeded by "the". ("He didn't come to work today because he's got the shits.")
skrilla n 1. money. Also "skrill". ("I need to get some more skrilla.") Origin: possibly originated in Chicago in 1993 or 1994. Now used commonly in the northern United States, especially Minnesota.
skrilling v 1. to make money. (Question: "What have you been up to?" Response: "Just skrilling.")
slack-jaw n 1. a person whose jaw hangs open at rest. Usually implies that the individual (the slack-jaw) is either too lazy to hold up their jaw or is too stupid to notice. Also: slack-jawed, the adjective. ("He's a slack-ja w. She's slack-jawed.")
slang v 1. to deal drugs. ("He makes a lot of money because he is slanging.") Submitted by Carlos Cano, Chicago, IL, USA, 23-11-97.
sleep around v 1. to have sex with many people. ("He's never at home because he sleeps around so much.")
slob (one's) knob v 1. to fellate.
sloshed adj 1. inebriated.
slut n 1. a promiscuous person. ("You are such a slut.")
smack n 1. offensive speech about another person. ("I hear you've been talking smack about me.") - v 1. to slap. Note: also pronounced "shmack". ("H e got smacked right in the jaw.") 2. to fraternize with the enemy. Often involves "kissing up". ("They're off smacking with student government.")
smash adj 1. successful. ("That movie was a huge smash!")
smashed adj 1. extremely inebriated.
smeg n 1. something undesirable. May refer to people or unidentifiable substances. Etymology: from the word smegma. ("You have smeg on you.")
smoke v 1. to kill, usually with a firearm. ("I smoked him.")
smoked adj 1. extremely intoxicated, either by alcohol or marijuana. ("I got smoked last night.")
snafu adj 1. messed up as usual. Origin: term is an acronym for "situation normal, all fucked up." ("Well, that's typical, they're just snafu!")
snag v 1. to buy. ("I snagged this jacket from the Buckle yesterday.") 2. to take. ("He snagged the money from his mom's wallet.")
snake v 1. to steal. ("I snaked his favorite CD when he wasn't looking.")
snap v 1. to masturbate.
snarf v 1. to expel liquid (or, more rarely, food) out one's nose by laughing in the middle of a swallow. ("We were sitting in the kitchen, and JJ cut a nasty muffin, and I snarfed lemonade all over the table.")
soused adj 1. inebriated.
spam n 1. advertisements in Usenet newsgroups. Notes: generally applies to any inappropriate messages (such as chain letters and advertisements) usually posted to many different discussion groups. 2. unsolicited advertis ements sent in bulk via e-mail.
spanked adj 1. intoxicated. ("I was spanked last night.")
spaz n 1. a person who often acts in an irrational or spontaneous fashion. - v 1. to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure.
spaz out v 1. to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure.
spich adj 1. so weird that it can't even be described. ("You are acting so spich.")
spider n 1. a male. ("Hey spider, why don't you go get the drinks?")
spiffy adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. ("That's spiffy!") 2. okay. ("Are you doing spiffy?")
splurk v 1. to bother, test, annoy, push. ("Hey man, don't splurk with me!")
sponged adj 1. thirsty. ("I'm sponged! Let's go get a drink.") - v 1. to want something to drink. ("I'm sponging for some water.")
spooge n 1. semen. 2. any displeasing or unidentifiable substance. ("I got spooge all over my hands.") 3. any non-solid substance. - v 1. to ejaculate. 2. to be squeezed out of somethin g, such as condiments from the other end of food being eaten, as in tacos, burritos, hamburgers, etc. ("I was eating a taco and beef spooged out the other end.")
spork n 1. a plastic eating utensil that is both a spoon and a fork. Possibly first available at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. - v 1. to insert a spork into something. ("Someone sporked my lawn last ni ght.") - adj 1. of poor quality, unusable, intolerable.
spuckie n 1. a submarine sandwich. ("Run up to Rip's Sub Shop and pick up a couple of spuckies.")
spun adj 1. extremely inebriated. ("I was spun last night.") Submitted by Fitz, CA, USA, 09-11-97. 2. to be under the influence of methamphetamines. ("That guy was spun!")
spun out adj 1. a confused or stressed state of mind. 2. intensely preoccupied with a particular problem; STRESSED OUT. ("I'm spun out on my girlfriend." or "I was so spun out after that exam.")
stellar adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME. ("That was some stellar movie we saw last night. ")
stems n 1. legs. Origin: the movie Clueless , released in April, 1996. ("Nice stems.")
step v 1. to step away, to leave someone or something alone. ("You best just step!") 2. to fight. ("You want to step?")
step off v 1. to step away, to leave someone or something alone. Note: first used around 1996. ("You better step off before I make it necessary for you to!")
stick n 1. a person who lives in a rural area. ("That guy is such a stick!")
sticks n 1. a rural area. ("That guy is from out in the sticks.")
stinky adj 1. extremely inebriated. ("Let's get stinky tonight!")
stog n 1. cigarette. Note: pronounced "stoog". ("Let's go smoke a stog.")
stoked adj 1. excited or energized. ("I am so stoked about the party!")
stole v 1. to hit or punch, usually with one's hands. ("He stole me in my jaw!")
stoned adj 1. under the influence of marijuana.
stoner n 1. a person who frequently smokes marijuana. ("Look at his bloodshot eyes. You can tell he's a stoner.") Submitted by Justina, CA, USA, 25-03-98. - v 1. to give. Usually used when someone is withholding something. ("Hey dude, kick down with some more food.")
strap v 1. to carry a firearm. ("Yo, man, you strapping?" "You gotta be strapped in that neighborhood.")
strap on a feed-bag v 1. to eat a meal; go get something to eat. Origin: the way horses are fed: by strapping a bag full of food to their head. ("Let's go to McDonald's and strap on a feed-bag")
stu n 1. a stupid person. Origin: possibly the United States Army. ("Look at that guy. What a stu!")
stuck like chuck adj 1. extremely intoxicated or under the influence of a drug. ("Last night at the party I was stuck like chuck!")
stupid adj 1. styling. Origin: hip-hop slang. ("Karen is stupid today!")
suck v 1. to be inadequate, displeasing, or of poor quality. ("Final exams suck.")
sucka-fu chicken-head n 1. a stupid person. ("What a sucka-fu chicken-head that guy is!")
sup 1. a greeting, similar to "What's going on?" The term is a shortened version of "What's up". n &nb sp 1. dinner. Etymology: shortened version of supper. ("Do you want to go eat some sup?")
swag n 1. material; STUFF. ("I won some swag from a local radio station.")
swank n 1. stolen goods. Notes: old organized crime term, used in Goodfellas . Origin: first used in the 1950's or earlier. - adj 1. attractive or styling. ("She is swank!")
sweat v 1. to worry. Also don't sweat it . ("Don't sweat, I'll take care of it.") 2. to be very attracted to someone, so much so that one nearly sweats when one sees the object of their affection. ("Man she sweat s him HARD!") 3. to like very much. ("I know you all sweat my new shoes.")
sweet adj 1. good, excellent, fun; COOL. 2. attractive. ("That's a sweet car.")
sword fight n 1. a gathering with many more males than females. ("This party is a sword fight.")
system n 1. a stereo system. ("I just installed a new system in my car.")

amerikan argosu T argo amerikan

tacked adj 1. empty. Usually refers to a marijuana smoking device. ("I think the bowl is tacked.")
take a bone v 1. to get something to eat. Notes: believed to have originated in California. ("Call me and we'll go take a bone.")
take a crap v 1. to defecate. ("I've got to go take a crap.")
take a dump v 1. to defecate. ("I've got to go take a dump.")
take a leak v 1. to urinate.
take a piss v 1. to urinate.
take a whiz v 1. to urinate. ("I've got to go take a whiz.")
take it easy v 1. to relax, calm down. Usually used to avoid a confrontation or fight. ("Look man, I was just kidding. Take it easy.")
take off v 1. to leave. ("Let's take off.")
take shit v 1. to accept insults from a person without fighting back. ("Man, are you going to take shit from him like that?"
take the piss 1. to mock, make fun of, kid. Origin: British. ("Are you taking the piss?") &n bsp 2. to aggravate someone on purpose. ("You're taking the piss out of me!")
talk to Ralph on the big white telephone v 1. to vomit. ("He's talking to Ralph on the big white telephone.")
tanked adj 1. extremely inebriated. ("I was tanked last night.")
tard n 1. term is a shortened form of retard. Can apply to the mentally retarded or just a stupid person. ("You are a real tard.") v 1. to vomit. ("Man, I was hugging the throne all night last night.")
tear v 1. to leave quickly. ("You ready to go? Let's tear.")
technicolor yawn see do the technicolor yawn.
the bomb See bomb, the.
the old in-out n 1. sex. Origin: the movie A Clockwork Orange . ("No time for the old in-out, love, just here to read the meter!")
thoroughbred n 1. a male. Origin: hip hop. ("All the thoroughbreds and chicken heads will be at the party.") - n 1. a female. Sometimes used to refer to an attractive or unattractive female, depending on the context. Origin: hip hop. ("There are a lot of chicken heads at this party.")
threads n 1. clothes. ("Nice threads.")
throw down v 1. to fight. ("Look, they're about to throw down!")
throwed off adj 1. insane, eccentric, strange. ("That guy over there mumbling to himself is throwed off!") Note: first used in early 1997.
throw hands v 1. to fight. ("Look, they're about to throw hands!")
thump v 1. to be struck with great force. ("He just got thumped.")
tight adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL, HIP. ("Her new car is tight.")
tightie whities n 1. men's briefs. ("Are you wearing tightie whities?")
tin n 1. badge carried by law enforcement officials. ("Show me some tin.")
tired adj 1. boring, dull. ("That concert was tired.") 2. outdated, tacky. ("Look at her shirt! It's so tired.")
tits adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. Notes: the term is generally used only by males. It is often spoken breathily, more like "tuts".
toasted adj 1. to be mildly inebriated.
toc n 1. stupid person; DIMWIT, MORON. Notes: derived from "Dim as a TOC-H light." (Doss-house).
tool n 1. a person who is impressionable, easily used by others; LOSER; WANNA-BE. ("That guy is such a tool. He would do anything to be accepted.")
toolbox n 1. someone who is an extreme "tool". Note: etymology suggests that they are not just one "tool", but rather an entire set. ("That guy is such a toolbox.") 2. a group of "tools". ("Yeah, like I would go to their t oolbox party.")
torn down adj 1. upset. Note: often pronounced more like "to' down". ("He's been torn down since she dumped him.") 2. ill. ("I couldn't go to work today - I was torn down.") 3. very inebriated. ("We all got torn down when he showed up with the keg.")
torqued adj 1. angry; PISSED OFF. ("Don't get all torqued about it. It was just a pencil." "Okay, now I'm torqued. Someone's gonna die.")
tor up adj 1. inebriated.
toss cookies v 1. to vomit.
tosser n 1. someone that is stupid, annoying, despicable, and just generally unpleasant to have around. ("That guy is always bugging me, he's such a tosser!")
trashed adj 1. to be very intoxicated, usually by alcohol.
trench coat n 1. an outcast; FREAK. Origin: a particular group of people wear black trench coats. ("Look at those trench coats over there!")
trendy loke n 1. a person who wears only popular, name-brand clothing to look cool and dislikes people who do not wear the same type of clothes. ("Kate took one look at his outfit - a Nike warmup suit - and immediately decided that he was just a trendy loke.")
trick n 1. a person who uses another in a relationship for their money. ("You're just a trick!")
trif adj 1. disgusting. 2. worthless. 3. shallow. Note: short for "trifling".
trip v 1. to take LSD. ("I tripped for the first time last night.") 2. to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure. ("When he passed out, I tripped!") 3. to worry. ("Don't trip about it!") 4. to not be thinking clearly, to err. ("You were right about her phone number. I must have been tripping.") 5. to partake in friendly flirting, which may lead to a more serious relationship. ("They used to trip but now they're going out") 6. to b e surprised. ("Man, I tripped when I saw her walk in.") n 1. the period of time during which a person is under the influence of LSD. ("I was on an eight-hour trip yesterday.") &nb sp - adj 1. funny or strange. ("He's a real trip.")
trip out v 1. to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure. See also freak out. ("She tripped out when she heard what he had done.")
trippy adj 1. the condition of being similar to what one experiences while taking LSD; WEIRD. ("That was one trippy night.")
troll n 1. an unattractive female or one of ill repute. ("She is such a troll.")
true dat 1. an expression of affirmation. (Person 1: "He's hot!" Person 2: "True dat.") 2. a question of fact. ("I hear you broke up with your boy. True dat?")
tunnel v 1. to defraud, swindle, or cheat and make lots of money. Also tunnel . ("That man is rich because he tunneled out the company.") Submitted by Paul Mamol, Bratislava, Slovakia, 02-02-98.
tweak adj 1. to be under the influence of crank. ("Dude, I'm tweaking.") - v 1. to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure. ("Your mom tweaked when I snaked her last bagel.") See also freak out .
tweaker n 1. a person who uses methamphetamines. ("He's a tweaker.")
twenty-four seven adj 1. frequently, all the time. Etymology: abbreviation of "twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week." ("She studies twenty-four seven.")
twisted adj 1. displeasing; MESSED UP. ("That's twisted!")


amerikan argosu U argo amerikan

uber adv 1. very, extremely. Origin: the German language. ("That band is uber hip")
un-reechy adj 1. good. Origin: Shakespeare's Hamlet .
up in (one's) grill adj 1. in one's personal space. ("Towards the end of the fight, they were both up in each other's grill.")
up (one's) butt adj 1. obsessed with another person. ("She's totally up his butt.")
up the butt 1. a phrase indicating an excessive amount. ("I've got cash up the butt!")
urk v 1. to annoy, pester, bother; GET ON (ONE'S) NERVES. ("He just urks me.")
urp v 1. to vomit. 2. to burp
USer n 1. a resident or citizen of the United States, used to avoid ambiguity of "American", which can refer to anyone from North or South America. ("The main pride of a Canadian is simply that he is not a USer.")

amerikan argosu V argo amerikan

vexed adj 1. very angry. ("He was getting all vexed.")
vibe n 1. feelings, premonitions. ("I'm picking up some pretty negative vibes.") - v 1. to get along well in a relationship. ("I like him a like, I think we could vibe.")
vid n 1. a video. ("Let's go rent a vid.")
vurp 1. combination of vomit and burp, when a little bit of the stomach contents (usually bile) is expelled into the esophagus. Also known as "wet burps". ("Ew, I vurped.")


amerikan argosu W argo amerikan

wack adj 1. crazy. ("She is wack.") 2. displeasing, a source of anger. ("I can't believe you got in trouble for that. Man, that's wack.")
wail v 1. to sing well. ("Their female lead can wail!")
wanker n 1. an unpleasant person. Used as a general insult, British in origin. ("You are such a wanker!")
want a piece of (someone) v 1. to be attracted to someone, usually in a physical sense. ("I want a piece of him.")
waste v 1. to destroy. ("She wasted her car when she got in that wreck.")
wasted adj 1. extremely inebriated, usually to the point of vomiting heavily and/or passing out. ("I was wasted last night.")
watered v 1. to feel sad, hurt, low. ("He's watered right now.")
wazzock n 1. an idiot. Origin: British. ("What a wazzock!")
weak adj 1. inadequate or displeasing, barely worth mentioning. ("That high school party was beyond weak!")
welfare adj 1. bad, stupid, ugly, etc. ("You have a welfare car!" "That was a welfare kick.")
wet 1. very good, excellent; COOL. ("Those Nike shoes are wet!")
whack adj 1. displeasing, undesirable. ("Yo man, that's whack!")
whale on v 1. to punch; to attack. Origin: possibly Maine, USA slang. ("The cop whaled on that guy.")
What's in the bag? 1. a greeting, similar to the likes of "What's up?" ("So, whats in the bag?")
what's the dilly? 1. a greeting. Note: also "what's the dills." ("Hey, what's the dilly?")
what's up? 1. a greeting. Synonymous "What's going on?", "How are you?", etc. Note: alternate pronunciations include "waddup," "whazzup," and "sup".
whip n 1. car. Origin: street/hip-hop slang from New York City. ("Get in the whip and turn left at the next block.") - v 1. to drive recklessly.
whipped adj 1. obedient to one's significant other. ("His girlfriend had him whipped.")
whistle belly thumps n 1. stomach aches associated with diarrhea. ("Those green apples I ate are giving me the whistle belly thumps.")
white trash n 1. poor people that do not attempt to hide their lack of money. They live in filth (e.g. rusting cars and old kitchen appliances fill the front yard,) they are poorly educated, they don't care about their appearance (e.g. they are poorly groomed and overweight, wear dirty and tattered clothes,) et cetera. Though "white trash" can live anywhere, they are indigenous to the midwest and south. ("90% of my school is white trash.")
whiz v 1. to urinate. ("I've got to go whiz.") - n 1. urine. ("He got whiz all over himself.") 2. a smart person. ("She's a real whiz when it comes to math!")
whockerjawed adj 1. damaged, jammed, or out of alignment. ("I can't open the car door because it got whockerjawed in the accident.")
whopperjawed adj 1. out of place, crooked. ("That looks whopperjawed.")
whore 1. a greeting, usually between males. ("What's up, whore!") 2. a friendly insult, usually between males. ("Leave me alone, whore!") n 1. a prostitute. 2. a promiscuous person, usually female.
who's own 1. used to inquire the owner of an item. Example: someone would hold up a pencil and, speaking to a group, ask "Who's own?"
wicked adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL. ("That concert was wicked!") 2. very, extremely. ("That concert was wicked cool!")
wife beater n 1. tank-style underwear shirts. Origin: based on the stereotype that physically abusive husbands wear that particular style of undershirt. ("I got some egg stains on my wife beater.")
wife-beater n 1. a sleeveless undershirt. Origin: before wearing a wife-beater as one's only shirt became a popular style, they were worn in that fashion primarily by people who were too poor to buy outer shirts, suc h as alcoholics. One stereotypical American image of an alcoholic is someone wearing an undershirt and beating their wife. ("All the thugs wear wife-beaters.")
wilding v 1. to have fun, act crazy with a group of friends. Note: also pronounced as "wilin'".
wired adj 1. under the influence of methamphetamines. ("Man I'm fucking wired.") 2. full of energy, due to some other cause (natural or otherwise.) ("How can you be so wired when you got only 3 hours of sleep last night")
word 1. exclamation of affirmation. (Question: "I'm goin' to the movies tonight, dawg - you 'bout it?" Response: "Word!")
word hole n 1. mouth. ("You better shut your word hole!")
worship the porcelain goddess v 1. to vomit. ("She's in the bathroom worshipping the porcelain goddess.")
wrench n 1. a mechanic, originally on motorcycles, but now any kind of repairman. ("Toad is a shitty wrench.")
wuppie n 1. young, semi-hip, web site professionals. Note: usually used in a derogatory manner. ("I don't feel like going to the party, it's just going to be a bunch of wuppies.")
wuss n 1. wimp, sissy. ("Why won't you fight me? Are you a wuss?")


amerikan argosu X argo amerikan

xippie n 1. a young person who pretends to be a hippie. Origin: combination of the terms "generation-x" and "hippie". Pronounced "zippie". ("My son and his friends are becoming xippies.")


amerikan argosu Y argo amerikan

yack v 1. to vomit.
yada 1. et cetera. ("We went to the mall, saw some friends, yada yada yada, the usual stuff.")
yak n 1. an unattractive female, usually due to morbid obesity or bovine-like odor.
yarf v 1. to vomit.
yeah right 1. an expression of doubt or disbelief. ("According to The Enquirer , aliens landed in Washington, D.C. yesterday. Yeah right!") .
yo 1. used to get someone's attention. ("Yo, come here.") 2. used at the end of a sentence to emphasize a point. ("What's up, yo?" "You going to hook me up, yo?" "That's my knife, yo.") 3. used as a prefix to a greeting. ( "Yo, man, what's up?") Notes: "Yo" is the first person pronoun (i.e. "I") in Spanish. In English, the term has been around for more than a decade, but (?) has recently been popularized by the movie Kids . Submitted by John Nelson, Lufkin, TX, 12-09-97.
yo 1. used to get someone's attention. Has been used since the 15th century. ("Yo! Look over here!") 2. more recently, used primarily before a greeting. This usage is somewhat antiquated. ("Yo, Mike! How are you doing?" ) 3. most recently, used to call attention to something you've said, but used after the sentence. ("Let's go buy some food, yo.")
yoink v 1. to steal. ("I wanted his CD player, so I yoinked it.")
Yoko Ono n 1. the significant other of a band member that often sits in on band practice, much to the annoyance of other band members. Origin: Yoko Ono, the partner of The Beatles member John Lennon. ("Your girlfriend i s SUCH a Yoko Ono!")
yoo-ee n 1. U-turn. One generally "hangs" a yoo-ee. ("Hang a yoo-ee at the next stoplight.")
YooKay 1. alternative spelling of "UK" (United Kingdom.) Usually pronounced in a more drawn-out fashion. ("I met someone online from the YooKay.")
you go girl 1. phrase of encouragement, used alone. ("You go girl!")
your mom 1. a comeback used in an argument when one can't think of anything better to say. (Person 1: "You're ugly." Person 2: "Your mom.")

amerikan argosu Z argo amerikan

za n 1. abbreviation of "pizza". ("Let's call Domino's and order up some za.")
zoit 1. an expression of surprise or alarm.
zonked adj 1. extremely intoxicated. Usually refers to alcohol intoxication but can also apply to marijuana or other drugs. ("Did you see that guy at the party? He was zonked!")
zoom-in n 1. an unexpected and usually undesirable kiss. ("She pulled a zoom-in on me last night.")
zoot v 1. to elude comprehension. ("That zooted me. I didn't understand it at all.")
zooted adj 1. extremely intoxicated. ("I was so massively zooted last night.")
zosted adj 1. intoxicated. ("I was zosted last night.")